Compressive bandage type "Israeli" in individual packaging.


Vacuum packed.


Compressive Bandage "ISRAELI":


Emergency compression dressings FCP (First Care Products) are indicated for the treatment of massive haemorrhage and severe trauma.

They have proven themselves on military battlefields as well as in hospitals, firefighters, rescuers for patients and caregivers.


The FCP compressive bandage combines in one device several components attached together "all in one", facilitating treatment and saving valuable time in emergency situations.


From the first application, the wound is compressed by a non-adherent compress to ensure hemostasis. Then, the unique (patented) handle system allows effective maintenance of the bandage and dressing while exerting haemostatic compression at the site of the haemorrhage.


This handle also makes it possible to effectively direct and maintain the band, in particular for haemorrhages at the level of the head, the scalp (no need to perform cross knots to stabilize the band). 


The set is also a sterile secondary dressing capable of immobilizing the injured body part or limb and can, if necessary, exert additional direct pressure to stop major bleeding (tourniquet).


One of the great advantages of the FCP compressive dressing is that it can be applied on any part of the body (army, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, land and sea rescue, ...).


The FCP bandage can be placed by the injured person (isolated wounded) with one hand.


The all-in-one dressing system has been proven to reduce costs, allow for easier, faster and more efficient use.

Compressive Bandage "ISRAELIAN"

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